The SG50 Baby Jubilee Gift: Celebrating Singaporean Babies in 2015

The SG50 Baby Jubilee Gift
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What is this about?

The SG50 Baby Jubilee Gift is a community initiative led by the National Population and Talent Division, supported by REACH, the Ministry of Social and Family Development, Families for Life, NTUC U Family, and I Love Children. In conjunction with the SG50 celebrations to commemorate Singapore’s Golden Jubilee, the Gift consists of a small set of meaningful items from all Singaporeans to welcome every Singapore Citizen baby born in 2015.

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Every Singapore Citizen child born in 2015 will receive the Gift. Parents are encouraged to register for the SG50 Baby Jubilee Gift within two months of the child’s birth, as it includes items designed for newborn babies.

From the Community

Minister Grace Fu launching the Send-a-Wish portal


The SG50 Baby Send-a-Wish portal was officially launched by Minister Grace Fu during a ministerial community visit to Tampines East on Sunday. The portal will remain open until the end of the year for people to send well-wishes to family and friends who have recently become parents or are parents of an SG50 baby.

What’s in the Gift?

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