Jubilee Marriage and Parenthood Package

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Families form the foundation of society, and the milestones of each family, whether marriage or births, are filled with emotion, excitement, even a little fear of the unknown.

We would like to facilitate the sharing of these personal stories, and in finding the things we have in common, we might face our own challenges more confidently, and celebrate the joys of family.

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“My life is over! Those were the first words I uttered when I learnt I was pregnant...”

Refreshingly engaging and honest, You've Got To Be Kidding turns parenthood on its head, with personal experiences of joy, laughter, sorrow and tears, to understand what having kids in Singapore is really like.

“I see the story of my own parenthood echoed in these pages. Just like this book, the pages of parenthood are filled with stories that will challenge your heart to grow in love, in ways you never thought possible.” Corrinne May, Singer-Songwriter

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