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The Work-Life Grant (which is part of the WorkPro programme) is intended to encourage employers to introduce and sustain Flexible Work Arrangements (FWAs) and other work-life programmes at the workplace. It aims to encourage employers to better support their employees in managing both work and personal commitments in order to achieve greater work-life harmony. It offers employers the benefits of improved employee attraction and retention, better employee engagement and productivity, and lower business costs.

The Work-Life Grant has two components:

a) A Development Grant of up to $40,000 per organisation aimed at helping employers defray the costs of introducing FWAs and other work-life programmes; and

b) A Flexible Work Arrangement Incentive of up to $120,000 per organisation (disbursed in 3 tranches of up to $40,000 per tranche over 3 years) to motivate employers who have implemented flexible work arrangements to support more of their employees on such arrangements. This will help to foster work-life friendly working cultures for the long term and working habits supportive of work-life harmony in workplaces.

For both components of the Work-Life Grant, the types of flexible work arrangements recognised can be broadly classified under a) flexi-time, b) flexi-place or c) part-time. Employees deemed to be using flexible work arrangements for the purpose of this grant must be working on a regular basis (i.e. not ad-hoc or casual employment).

Organisations, including companies, societies and non-profit organisations (NPOs) such as charities and voluntary welfare organisations can apply for either or both components of the Work-Life Grant.

For application forms, terms and conditions, or queries on how to apply for the grant, please visit www.snef.org.sg or www.ufamily.org.sg/WorkLifeGrant.

  • 1. Who should I go to if I need more information or help in introducing work-life strategies at my workplace?

    If you are an employer who needs more information or assistance in introducing work-life strategies at your workplace, you can visit the Employer Alliance website at www.employeralliance.sg. Alternatively, you can call (65) 6837 8631 or email admin@employeralliance.sg.

  • 2. How are the types of flexible work arrangements recognised under the Work-Life Grant chosen?

    The 3 broad categories of flexible work arrangements, namely flexi-time, flexi-place and part-time, cover most, if not all, of the flexible work arrangements offered by employers and utilised by employees in Singapore. For example, staggered hours is a type of flexi-time arrangement, while job sharing can be categorised under part-time arrangement.

  • 3. Apart from the 20%/30% utilisation requirement, why is there a condition that no more than 6 in 10 employees counting towards this requirement can be on the same flexible work arrangement type?

    This is to ensure a good spread in the provision and use of different forms of flexible work arrangements to cater to the varying needs of individual employees

Last Updated : 1 Mar 2018