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Having and Raising Children

As parents, we naturally want the very best for our children. In response to the growing needs of young families, the Government has provided the following to provide support parents in the areas of conception and delivery costs, and to further defray child-raising costs. These measures will help address some of the practical concerns parents face in raising and caring for their children.

Having Children

Taking Care of Your Medical Needs


  • Medisave Maternity Package
  • Medisave for Assisted Conception Procedures (ACP)
  • Co-Funding Assisted Reproduction Technology (ART) Treatment

Raising and Caring for your Children

Defraying Your Child-Raising Costs including Healthcare Costs


  • Enhanced Baby Bonus
  • Enhanced Medisave Grant for Newborns
  • MediShield Life Coverage from Birth
  • Tax Reliefs & Rebate for Parents
  • Subsidies for Centre-Based Infant & Child Care
  • Foreign Domestic Worker Levy Concession

Last Updated : 13 Oct 2017