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Getting Married

Getting married and starting a family is one of life's most fulfilling experiences.

For singles looking for opportunities to network, meet more people and make more friends, the Social Development Network (SDN), its partners and accredited dating agencies provide a wide array of activities to cater to diverse interests.

For couples who are ready to get married, settle down to start their families, and are looking for their homes, the Marriage and Parenthood package provides housing schemes and grants to help couples take the next step.

Measures which make it faster and easier for couples to get housing include:

  1. Parenthood Priority Scheme gives first-timer married couples with children (including those expecting a child) priority allocation when buying a HDB flat, by setting aside a proportion of flats for them.
  2. Parenthood Provisional Housing Scheme allows first-timer married couples to rent a flat from HDB at below market rates, while awaiting the completion of their new flats.
  3. CPF Housing Grants (e.g. Family Grant, Additional CPF Housing Grant, Special CPF Housing Grant, Proximity Housing Grant) are available to help couples finance their flat purchase.

Last Updated : 13 Oct 2017