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Be #BabyReady

Starting and raising a family does not have to be costly or unmanageable. To get you #BabyReady, HeyBaby and our community partner IKEA Singapore have teamed up to celebrate and support marriage and parenthood.

The campaign was launched on 3 November 2018. There will also be a series of videos, and personal stories from parents sharing about how with proper planning, realistic expectations, and community support, parenthood can be attainable. Couples may actually be more #BabyReady than they think.

#BabyReady hopes to bring together the wider community, to support families and show that parenthood can be achievable, enjoyable and celebrated.

Fathers are a great source of support  Be #BabyReady
Fathers are a great source of support when raising a child. You are more #BabyReady as a family together!

Cost of raising a child can be manageable  Be #BabyReady
Having a child doesn't have to costly or unmanageable. With good planning and managed expectations, it can be achievable and enjoyable!

Having a child doesn’t mean you have to give up your lifestyle – Be #BabyReady
Becoming a parent doesn’t mean you have to give up the things you enjoy. You are more #BabyReady than you think!

Hear from Parents

 aini-02-01 Nurul Aini
Nurul, cast of Lion Mums drama, shared how managing work and time with family was never easy. Read here for her thoughts and how to overcome mum’s guilt!
 kelly-02-01 Kelly Latimer
Be entertained by Kelly’s short exercise video with her little girl Sienna! Learn how to remain active here.
 claire-02-01 Claire Jedrek
Claire, mother of 1, described how she use to worry that her life would change for ever once she had a kid. However, she came to realise that it was just an excuse and it was more about how she adjusted her lifestyle to make time for her little boy. Read here to learn how you can be more #babyready than you think
 miyagi-02-01 Mr Miyagi
Benjamin “Mr Miyagi” Lee, father of 1 feels that it is tough spending time away from his family and he is glad that his workplace is super family-friendly. Read on here about his thoughts on how having a kid is not easy but it is not as difficult or troublesome as you think.
 Smithankyou-02-01 Smithankyou
Daddy blogger Smith Leong does not think that the cost of raising a child has to be high. Learn more about how to save money here.
 cheekiemonkie-02-01 Cheekiemonkies
Kelvin Ang, co-founder of Daddy Matters shares his thoughts on what are the things that make being a parent such an amazing and rewarding experience. He hopes to encourage more active fathering through Daddy Matters - a Facebook community of active dads as well as dads who are keen to help promote the message of more active fathering to everyone.
 claire-01 Claire Jedrek
A race driver and mother of 1, Claire feels that the cost of raising a child can be easily overcome through careful planning and budgeting. Read on to find out more as she shares her tips on how to save!
 aini-01 Nurul Aini
TV presenter and mother of 2, Nurul feels that whatever changes she has to make will always be worth it when she looks at her two children. Read on to find out more.
 cheekiemonkie-01 Cheekiemonkies
Co-founder of Daddy Matters, an online community of active dads and a published author of the book “Got Kids, Go where?”, Kelvin Ang, a daddy blogger and father of 3 shares how it is not impossible to manage how much we spend with careful planning as there are many affordable options out there. Read on to find out more.  
 Smithankyou Smithankyou
Daddy-blogger Smith Leong loves travelling, playing basketball and keeping an active lifestyle.  He never thought that he was ready to be a father until he becomes one. Read on to find out how he relishes his role as a father. 
Mr Miyagi
Daddy-influencer Ben Miyagi Lee shares how he revelled in being a dad, and how instincts served him well in his fatherhood journey. Read on to find out more! 
 Kelly Latimer-01 Kelly Latimer
Local TV host Kelly Latimer talks about the benefits of keeping age gap small between siblings, and the joy baby Sienna brings to her and the family. Read on to find out more!

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