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We will be convening a Citizens' Panel on Work-Life Harmony where Singaporeans can work directly with the Government to shape a new consensus on the issue. The Panel will comprise Singaporeans from all walks of life, who will come together to deliberate, discuss, and make informed recommendations on how we, as a society, can develop solutions to create the conditions for work-life harmony in Singapore.

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Online Surveys

The 2016 Marriage and Parenthood Survey showed that a majority of Singaporeans aspire to get married and have children. As a society, how can we better support Singaporeans in achieving this aspiration? Let us know your views by taking part in our monthly thematic polls!

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Results of Past Surveys

Thank you for sharing your views with us through our online surveys. Here is what respondents have to say for our first three surveys: (based on responses received from 20 April to 26 July 2019)

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Hari Raya with #HafandHaf
by Gov.sg

The time has come to gather the family, seek forgiveness and play catch up! But for singles like Haf, it's time to silat the (annoying) questions 🙅‍♀ But one Caffe Latte sends her Hari Raya on a completely different course...

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