The SG50 Jubilee Baby Gift: Celebrating Singaporean Babies in 2015

27th June 2014

Thank you for your participation in helping us decide what items to include in the Jubilee Baby Gift! Parents of Singapore’s Jubilee babies born in 2015 can look forward to receiving the 8 items in the Jubilee Baby Gift:

8 items to be included in the JBG: Special Medallion; Multi-functional Shawl; Baby Sling; A Set of Baby Clothes comprising of Baby T-Shirt and Bottoms, Rompers, Mittens and Socks; Diaper Bag; Scrapbook for Memories; Family Photo Frame;Baby Book

Here’s the official press release (270kb .pdf).

16 May 2014

As all good things must come to an end, the voting period for the items to be included in the Jubilee Baby Gift has come to a close.

In the two months of public consultation, we have received more than 6,500 item suggestions and close to 20,000 votes cast through our websites, focus groups and the feedback booths set up all around Singapore. Here are the results from the Jubilee Baby Gift voting exercise.

Jubilee Baby Gift voting results

We have really had a blast meeting up with many Singaporeans and hearing their views on how to celebrate the babies that will be born on our nation’s 50th birthday. There were such a variety of different approaches when choosing the items for the Jubilee Baby Gift: some looked for items that would see the most practical use for parents; others chose items that would provide historical significance when the baby grew up and looked at the gift some twenty years from now.

To add a little bit of fun in our voting booths, we gave a set of 5 stones to every participant. It injected a little nostalgia and heritage, and it was wonderful to see how simple games brought generations together.

The final compilation of the Jubilee Baby Gift will be announced in the next few months. Stay tuned!

Photos from the Jubilee Baby Gift Feedback and Voting Booths

Jurong Point Feedback Booth VivoCity Feedback Booth HDB Hub Voting Booth 1 HDB Hub Voting Booth 2 HDB Hub Voting Booth 3 HDB Hub Voting Booth 4 United Square Voting Booth 1 United Square Voting Booth 2 United Square Voting Booth 3

Thank you so much for helping put together the Jubilee Baby Gift!